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Cancel all other wedding dress appointments and start with Britt Wood! He is the most wonderful, the easiest and the absolute best part of wedding planning.

From the moment we walked in, Britt made me so comfortable and celebrated. He locked the door, poured the champagne and immediately began asking what I was looking for in a wedding dress. We tried on dress after dress - the most beautiful, unique, but timeless dresses in town. He added the right veil and pinned each and every one to give us the full affect. He fluffed trains and spun me around, pointing out what looked best on each dress. Britt listened to what I *thought* I wanted and then found options a million times better.

Once we found the perfect cut, I was a little hesitant about minor details of the gown. Britt didn’t pressure me into getting the dress. Instead, he pulled fabrics from another dress, accessories from a completely different bridal gown and pinned parts of the dress to show me the neckline I wanted. Britt created the dress of my dreams from the ground up, just after two hours of working with us.

While I know you can find pretty dresses at lots of stores in Atlanta, you will never get the bridal experience Britt provided us. We worked together. We had a blast! We celebrated. We canceled our other appointments. I even asked my bridesmaids to be part of the big day. Britt never once made us feel rushed or pressured. He genuinely wanted me to find the dress of my dreams. I came in looking for a pretty wedding dress but never expected to leave with a custom made, ready in no time, and just absolutely perfect dress (at the most reasonable price!).

To all brides, and I cannot stress this enough, go to Britt Wood. You will absolutely not regret it!"

- Laura J.

Britt is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. He stays current on all the latest trends and knows every aspect of the wedding industry so you have complete trust that you will look amazing when working with him.


From the absolutely breathtaking floral arrangements to the show-stopping bridal gowns, Britt makes sure to coordinate your look, literally having your wedding magazine ready.


On top of his God-given talent, he is so kind and patient. I never once felt rushed or pressured. Britt really was blessed with such a gift, and I love that he is willing to share it with so many. I absolutely recommend BW Designs Inc!"

- Ashley L.

I cannot say enough good things about Britt Wood of BW Designs Inc.

He is an incredible designer and person. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have met him. Not only did I find my perfect dress, veil and belt from Britt Wood’s bridal boutique ... but him and his team went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined in making my vision come to life. He listened to my ideas and turned my wedding day into the most perfect day - better than my wildest dreams.


He was there with his team early and stayed late to make sure everything, every tiny detail, was perfect. He even helped with my dress and changing into my beautiful belt that I got from him. It was something I was not sure I wanted but it was the best decision (other than hiring him to be my florist and going with his dress/ veil)!!

I remember telling him what I liked and didn’t like from other bridal shops, and he immediately pulled a few dresses. I was not sure if I liked the dress at first (I over think everything) and he was so patient with me. He even helped me change the dress to let me see what it could be with some minor alterations! Day of, and still looking back now, I am so thankful. I’m in love with my dress
and veil."

- Asheton E.

Britt, we can never thank you enough for making Aubrey and Jake's wedding magical with your attention to detail with the most amazing floral designs we have ever seen!


You turned the Piedmont Driving Club into a fairytale setting, and our guests are still raving about it - from the "stunning" centerpiece arrangement in the center of the bar to the 10-foot tall magnolia arrangements.


The cake, the tables, lanterns, drapery and Aubrey's bouquet of orchids, white roses, white hydrangeas, green and white berries ... we knew from the first time we met you to trust you and let you do your thing, so it was all an amazing surprise and, wow, what a spectacular sight it was.


Additionally, her beautiful veil that we bought from you highlights our favorite picture. I cannot recommend you highly enough (as you know since three people have already contracted you). You will remain to be an important person in our lives. We will never forget the important part you played in Aubrey and Jake's big day! We can't thank you enough."

- Leigh S.

Britt is amazing at his job. I got my wedding gown through him, and he did the decorations for my wedding. When I went shopping for my dress, he knew what I wanted better than I did. I picked one out prior to meeting with him, and he convinced me otherwise- and I am very glad he did!


He was the one that found what ended up being the perfect dress for me. I have yet to see another bride in the same dress. When it came to the ceremony and reception decorations, I had zero hesitation to use him. I have seen his work plenty of times before, and it is always breathtaking. His team did an amazing job setting everything up."

- Emily A.

I spent a year and a half looking for a wedding gown with no success, and Britt was finally able to give me a custom dress of my dreams! The custom dress ended up being much more affordable than the other designer options that I was looking into (without compromising on any of the luxe details and quality that I was seeking) and was made to my measurements so required minimal alterations.


Britt has such amazing energy, taste and industry expertise, so I had complete confidence that he would be able to bring my design to life.


It was a joy collaborating with him on the dress design and his positive, upbeat personality made the entire experience completely fun and stress free! I would highly recommend Britt's services to anyone - save the time and just go to him!"

- Lauren K.

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements you put together for Clint and Megan’s rehearsal dinner. The tables and room looked so elegant together after your special touch! I appreciate you doin the different arrangements for the welcoming table. Just perfect! I have to say you went above and beyond our expectations for the wedding and reception. The ballroom was so gorgeous and the estate table simply breathtaking! It was such a pleasure to meet you and to have been surrounded by your beautiful work. I hope to be able to call on your expertise in the future! 

- Denise W. 

Where do I start? The entire weekend was glorious! Every single thing that you do is “picture perfect”! Katie Marie and Matt’s wedding was beautiful. So many special touches… the cake toppers, Marie’s beautiful blue hat pieces you so handsome me escorting you in, wonderful flowers, and a handsome bride and groom. The wedding in that lovely old chapel was truly exquisite. One magnificent white arrangement, flower wreaths on the from door, boxwood wreaths on the inside, perfect hydrangeas on pews, and tasteful candles everywhere.

The reception with such elegant decorations was truly a sight to remember. The rent with crystal chandeliers, the skirted tables with throws for the chilled ladies, the beautiful flowers (inside and out) so, so lovely. And what a treat to be with all our wonderful family! 

Please know how much this honorary grandmother enjoyed and appreciated the fabulous weekend and ceremony, how much I will always cherish my gorgeous evening bag and the love and thoughtfulness that came with it. 

To know you is to love you… and that I truly do! 

Your flair for living and entertaining is so warm and wonderful! 

- Julia

Know you’ve heard it all before but it’s my turn now to tell you - absolutely magnificent! With your vision and talent the Biltmore looked like an enchanted wonderland of blooms. Unbelievable how you transformed the room. First wedding reception I’ve been to where the  guests complimented the floral arrangements before the bride. Still reeling from your magic. And the bouquets were perfect (beautiful presentation). And, the Swan Coach House. And, and, and! I’m not eloquent enough to thank you properly for everything Britt- not just the flowers but all your good advice in general, especially at the Biltmore walk-through and Swan House photo shoot (and telling Julia that aqua toe nail polish was not going to happen- she listened to you!)

This cracked me up- about 10:30 Saturday night the prom kids started coming into the lobby to use that huge, fantastic arrangement as a back drop for their prom photos. Guess you’re anonymously famous at Lithonia High School! 

- Muff D.

It was a perfect wedding and I can’t thank you enough! The dress was amazing. Louisa looked like a fairy princess alongside her handsome prince. Every mother wants to give their daughter exactly what they want for their wedding. Louisa got exactly what she wanted. It had a touch of glamour, the ‘surprise’ made it special and unique. She is a Broadway star in her dreams. 

- Virginia B.

I do not know where to begin to thank you for the fabulous work that you did to make Caroline’s wedding so perfect. There are not enough adjectives to describe the beauty you created. Amazing, breathtaking, elegant, stunning are just a few words I’ve heard over and over. I wish I could go back and look at every detail you created and mastered. I personally know it’s the prettiest wedding I’ve ever seen and not just because it was ours! 

After the week you had before the wedding, I don’t see how you did what you did and I can’t thank you enough. You gave Caroline the best night of all ad it will last her a lifetime. I told our daughter about the “branches” idea and she loved it- get ready!

- Kelly

We just wanted to thank you for the fabulous and breathtaking engagement party you both hosted for us. Knowing it would be amazing, you still exceeded all expectations by making the day truly memorable. From having a couture piece made just for me to the big band music, delicious food, gorgeous flowers, and precious party favors, this day truly surpassed even our wildest dreams. With all that being said, the best part was getting to share this beautiful experience with all of those that I love. We are truly blessed to have you both in our lives, and we love you both dearly! 

- Katie-Marie and Matthew

I wanted to say thank you for everything that you made possible on my wedding weekend. Everything from the peonies to the decor and the rehearsal dinner and reception was far beyond anything I imagined. Everyone hasn’t stopped talking about how beautiful and perfect everything was and I keep bragging on you because you made it all possible. I also wanted to say thank you to you and your team for traveling all the way to Fairhope and for all their hard work. I’m so sorry I didn’t see you to give you big hug and say thank you. Hopefully I will be able to get together with you soon and show you all the wonderful pictures when they get here! 

- Jordan L. 

It is very hard to express what a big part you played in my wedding day. You not only made it beautiful, classic, and romantic but, you helped support and encourage me along the way. By far, you made the biggest difference. One million thanks is not enough! So please accept my gratitude. 

- Alison

How do I even begin to express my feelings about what you did for Abby’s wedding? As I expected, I was blown away. The place had a completely different feel than I could have imagined- so romantic with the garland and fresh flowers all around. I loved the cake with the candles and surrounding in roses. Everyone couldn’t wait to tell me how beautiful the flowers were. How the venue changed to even more spectacular from ceremony to reception. The table flower arrangements were stunning. Of course, my favorite… that I experienced with you and Tom for only 5 mins was the speakeasy bar. I never made it to the Blackjack table- literally I was at the high boy with you and they pulled me upstairs for the cake cutting. Finally a friend sent me a couple of pictures and I loved it. I remember the flowers and lanterns being such a wonderful look for that space. So many men commented on how great the space looked and how much fun this wedding was. 

Britt,  you are incredibly brilliant. Your talent… your gift surpasses all others. Along with your gift you are kind, thoughtful, selfless, and full of life! This I why I always want to be with you- creepy I know. So unfortunately for you I am now your personal stalker. The phone calls for lunch will resume soon! 

I very much enjoyed meeting and chatting with Tom. He’s such a great guy and I look forward to getting to know him better. We’ll all go to lunch or dinner… Clare too. And yes! Thank you for introducing Clare to me. The catering was fantastic. 

Thank you for making another McLain wedding spectacular, beautiful, amazing, and unique. I love you and feel blessed to call you a friend! 

- Cathy M. 

I am so thankful and grateful for all you did to make Raymond and mine's wedding just spectacular! The flowers and venue took my breath away. How neat the large sprays had snow on the stems and branches! What a cool surprise. And the cake table display was just incredible with all the greenery, glass and lights! I truly feel fortunate to have had such lovely space for our reception. My family and I so enjoyed working with you. Thank you for all you did- it truly was magical!

- Lizzie M.

I finally received all of our pictures and have started to cull them. But your work immediately stood out and deserved a much bigger thank you. 

By the time Friday’s rehearsal came around and there was a hole in the ceiling, the last thing I wanted to do was make changes for the sanctuary. Well you poofed it up for us with the little details- greenery at back pews, fillers in front of flowers that made the sanctuary beyond my dreams. 

And now finally seeing the reception table via pictures- wow! It was everything we wanted. So a huge thank you again that can’t truly help put everything into words for your quick work and behind the scene work. It just saved me and allowed Spike and I to truly celebrate us on our wedding day. I hope there is a day we can work together again. 

- Alison S.

Thank you so much for the beautiful bunny mat/ blanket for baby girl Warren. It is so soft- I know she will love it! What a treat to have your flowers at my shower- the sight and smell immediately transported me to my wedding day. Even now, people complement us on the flowers at our wedding. You have played a special role in the life Blaise and I have created together, and we truly hope the relationship continues. If only you lived in DC or we lived in Atlanta.

Thank you again for the thoughtful gift- hope we can introduce you to baby Warren son!

- Sara H.W.

I really do not know where to begin. As I told you last night, this wedding with this fabulous team of Sara, Yvonne, you and Debbie has been so delightful to work on. I was always comfortable and never worried because I had such trust in each of you. I had a few ugly cries a few weeks ago “letting go of my daughter” and nostalgic thoughts but since then EVERYONE kept asking me if I was stressed and I almost felt awkward saying no. I had such peace about it at all. Consequently, I really enjoyed each day and moment with no tears. I kept thinking, “ when are they going to come?”. Well honestly, it was when I walked in the entrance of the club yesterday and was truly overwhelmed with YOUR gift to us through your talent and generous heart. I am still unable to express myself well enough to let you know how I will always treasure you and what you created for the backdrop for Katie and Connor’s wedding. It was more than I expected and simply way beyond what I ever envisioned. Something about seeing you there working away and knowing it was for our day just touched me to the core. Of course people commented on how beautiful Katie looked, etc. but the most commentary after that was about the flowers, who, how, we want… etc. Many of our guests have been to many lovely weddings and were all blown away by your work. You may not have space for us by the time our Kristen gets married (hopefully in a few years) because you are already loved but now you have a bigger following. On top of it all, it is YOU, your sensitivity, your depth, your humor, your being is just a gift to the people who are blessed to meet you. I will always think of you with such an overwhelming heart and always want the very best for you. Thank you. 

- Cathy C. 

Where do I even start! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for designing the wedding of my dreams. You really blew me away… every single detail was absolutely stunning. You are unbelievably talented and I still can’t believe the way you transformed that ballroom. Everything was perfect. 


I am so happy to have met you and am so incredibly grateful and thankful for all that you did. Trusting you with my wedding was one of my VERY best decisions. I had so much fun working with you and getting to know you. I can’t wait to get pictures! I will be sure to send them to you. Thanks again for everything- I feel so lucky and blessed to have met you! 

- Megan W. 

How can I ever thank you for the amazing job you did?! The flowers were amazing! The wedding was everything I had ever dreamed of and so much more! I can’t wait to get the pictures back and relive it all. Thank you for being such a joy to work with and for being such a great friend. You’re the best! 

- Hayley

We wanted to thank you separately for the charming and beautiful tasting glasses- they are absolutely stunning and we are so excited for the big day where we can admire them even more. We love you and thank you again for all the wonderful things you do for us. 

- Matthew

Thank you again for all that you did for mine and Austin’s wedding! You really did make the day so incredibly elegant and magical. All of the flowers were stunning, and your attention to all the small details was really just amazing. I will be able to look at pictures from my wedding in 20 years and still love everything about them! You are the BEST!!!

- Austin and Sarah

Thank you for being so gracious, lovely, and hospitable most recently when we visited Atlanta. We are most excited to hear of your many accomplishment and the stories that help solidify that Atlanta is your home! From dinner to meeting Speedy and Malachi to enjoying your fabulous apartment (and terrace too!), we wholeheartedly love you guys! We look forward to the memories we have yet to make and future trips to Atlanta! 

- Andrew and Laura

I can’t begin to tell you what it meant to me for you to help me at Lovett. It was just so much fun instead of stressful. I am still waiting to get some pictures of the event. Thank you, thank you for your time! Can’t wait to work with you again on something soon!

- Jane

Thank you so much for creating the most beautiful flowers and decor for my wedding- it was everything I dreamed of and more! You are so talented and such a joy to work with! Everybody has been raving about your work! If you ever need anything (especially a reference) I’m just a phone call away. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures from the wedding- you truly created a masterpiece! 

- Lindsay G. 

The flowers were beautiful. The flowers were magnificent. The flowers were fabulous. The flowers were incredible. The flowers were spectacular. Every flower was in its perfect place. These are from notes from our friends. So I guess I can’t add much more than “ditto” to all of the above. And yes, the big “wow” factor was accomplished, at both the church and club. Thanks for helping to make everything so perfect for Kathryn and Jeff’s wedding. I look forward to many more of your wonderful arrangements in the future. 

- Joy K. 

I was at the Cathedral of Christ the King on Easter weekend and the flowers were magnificent. At the conclusion of the services the archbishop said you “outdid yourself” this year- they were truly lovely and I thought you should know they were appreciated. 

- Carmen F. 

Thank you in a million ways for making Kelly and Lowell’s wedding celebration the most beautiful I have ever seen. We walked into the PDC ballroom to MAGIC; from the gorgeous vines and lanterns to the gorgeous arrangements in the ballroom. We are still enjoying all of the JOY that you provided with the most beautiful flowers ever! Debbie Peacock captured your art forever in our wedding album and you really outdid yourself. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are amazingly gifted! 

- Carolyn Y. 

Thank you for everything you did to make 9/22/18 the most magical evening ever!! I know with the Murphy’s it is a “process” but you listened and captured our vision and transformed our home into a true “Father of the Bride” setting! 


Thank you for making Natalie’s dream come true and so excited we now have Caroline’s wedding to plan! Can’t wait to see what the “vision” for 5/4/19 will be!! 

- Judy M. 

I want to thank you so much for making our wedding absolutely perfect. It was a dream come true. I’m not as much of a flower girl as my mom is, but when I walked into the ballroom, I was instantly blown away by the beauty of the flowers. So many people have commented on the blue and white vases, high and low table arrangements, the baskets and iron and, honestly, everything you did was a vision. I really appreciate you and am so grateful that you decided to work with us. Thank you for making our wedding the time of our lives! 

- Courtney

Asheton Elmore 

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